Stefano Giulianetti, Lead Facilitator


Stefano is a seasoned performer with a unique ability to light up a room and fully engage his audiences with charm, humor, and poise. As the lead host for Engagement Unlimited, Stefano facilitates team building activities, and fun learning programs that get each participant actively involved, having a fabulous time, and effortlessly connecting with one another.

After 20 years as a successful actor in film and theatre, Stefano specialized in acting at special events, first as a comedic character actor at themed events, then moving into bigger roles as event emcee. Today he hosts events for a wide range of companies and associations looking for the personality and professionalism to create a more interactive, and engaging, and playful event experience. His goal is to make every person in the room feel like he’s talking specifically to them, no matter how big a room.

Stefano has acted in over 30 professional plays all across Canada and has appeared in numerous commercials, movies, and TV shows including “Supernatural” and “Some
Assembly Required.” He is also in the Cirque du Soleil actor roster.
Stefano speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish and loves meeting people from around the world. He makes his home in beautiful Vancouver, Canada where he rides his Vintage Vespa Scooter and steals away to surf in Tofino as much as he can.