Better than the Movies Part 2: The Active Learning/Participatory Model

he retention level of regular conferences and meetings has been studied. Does it surprise you to know that approx. 5-7% of what attendees learn in meetings/conferences is retained and acted upon after 2 days? (via Barbara Palmer for PCMA)

2 days! 5-7%!

Those numbers are ridiculous, and they reveal the very real problem that our industry needs to face: We have inherited a conference and meeting model that ensures non-retention.

How do we reverse that?  By tackling it head-on.

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What Childbirth Taught Me About Meeting Planning

Our mantra at Engagement Unlimited is "put the participant first."   

Well, what do we really mean by that?  To us it doesn’t mean choosing smoothies instead of bagels, or rounds instead of theatre style.  It means a philosophical shift towards prioritizing each individual over the organizers and speakers. With some extra effort and insight on behalf of the conference organizing committee, the overall value of the conference increases dramatically.

I am a new mother, and my best possible analogy is my personal experience with regards to planning for my labor and delivery. 

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