The Ultimate Guide to Improving Employee Performance & Satisfaction

Your employee satisfaction determines if teams are fulfilled and happy at work or not. It is a factor for not only their performance but also a key predictor of health, turn-over, productivity, creativity and overall well-being in your workplace.  All of these issues come together to directly affect your bottom line and the overall success of the organization. 

So how do you ensure that your team doesn't fall into the 20% of Gallup respondents who felt 'actively DIS-engaged' in their work?  Here's a 10 step guide towards guaranteed employee engagement:


The easiest way to ensure employees are happy and productive is to explicitly focus your mission, values, and policies around engagement.  This means meaningful work, role clarity, organizational fit, and strong leadership.  Making engagement your driving force for all company-wide policies and procedures practically guarantees success because it stays top of mind.


It's fantastic to reward your employees in positive, celebratory ways, but what's even more effective is to reward them in the way they appreciate most.  Disney has a policy of asking all their employees what they prefer in their annual reviews.  This could be company-wide recognition, monetary rewards, extra vacation days, a party in their honour, a parade in their honour, a big cake etc. 

Another great tip is to make sure to not exclude anyone in your reward programming - make everyone eligible and then cater the recognition to the successful individuals.


This is a topic unto itself.  Our biggest tips are to incorporate play, movement, music, a timed schedule, and a town hall format for issues that allows everyone to weigh in.  Meetings can be a huge time waster or the most important part of your work week - how you choose to structure them determines their worth. 

Check out our Play Resources page for more information on infusing play into your next meeting and the huge value it will bring to your organization.


Take people out of the office for a retreat that blends business sessions with team building activities and watch your bottom-line increase immediately.  Retreats allow the essential bonding, reflection time, stress relief, and increased morale your team desperately needs. 

They are most effective when you bring in professionals to structure the meeting, provide an outside perspective, create a roadmap for your success and help you get out of your shell to have the most fun along the way.

We can help with this! Give us a shout about your next retreat today.


There is a very simple test to tell if you've hired a dreamer or a doer.  Ask your team to write down 3 things they want to achieve in the next year, then ask them what actionable steps they have taken in the last 30 days to achieve those big goals. Most people won't have done anything, which is why goal-setting is a practice that must be structured, ongoing, and concrete. Focus on what you can control and lay out a step by step plan to make this happen.  

You can do this at your retreat, a team meeting, or in your performance review.


Socialization encourages teamwork and improved morale in the best possible way.  Most of the companies we work with look forward to their get-togethers year round and are excited about planning something that is exclusively for fun.  Allowing parties and activities for socialization not only provides motivation, it also gives a sense of purpose and connection to your team towards the common goal of your business.

We can provide team building or entertainment to take your socialization to the next level, contact us about your next event today.


Effective and open communication is the first building block of successful teams.  Depending on your industry, lack of communication can lead to failed projects, cutbacks, and even fatalities in the workplace. This begins at the leadership level and trickles down to everyone in an organization, so keep an open mind and continuously improve what effective communication looks like in your workplace.  


The most productive and happy people have mastered the art of efficiency in their work.  There are many ways to break up a monotonous work routine for success - we recommend tackling your most unpleasant task first thing in the morning to create a small victory, giving yourself fixed time periods to work on specific tasks (even if you don't complete them), practicing gratitude and taking active, movement-based breaks throughout the day to clear your mind.


Our desire for personal development never goes away, in fact, a recent study concluded that professional growth opportunities are the highest ranked drivers of engagement AND the number one reason for leaving a job.  This can mean financial incentives (higher salaries), career and professional growth (increasing skills and knowledge), even personal growth (having friends at work, being in a positive environment).


Even the most serious work environments can benefit from incorporating fun and playfulness into their team's daily work lives.  It not only increases morale and happiness - it is also proven to create:

  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Less downtime
  • Increased employee loyalty

Check out our Guide to Playfulness for ready-to-implement ways to adopt a more playful culture at your organization.

Now get out there and have some fun!

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