2018 in Review: Our Most Engaging Year Ever

2018 was a big year for us at Engagement Unlimited. Our three-pronged approach to service (entertainment / team building / education) solidified itself in new and exciting ways, and our team was pushed out of our comfort zones to deliver bigger, better experiences to a more diverse clientele.

Roger released his first book/audiobook ‘the me you want to be’. It was something he had wanted to do since he began seriously investing attention to his speaking career, and it has already proven to resonate with people in ways we never imagined. This book moves people: it’s bigger than the words on the page or the energy in the room when he speaks.

We continued delivering engaging educational experiences for our clients, and embarked on a year long engagement strategy with one client that we hope to do much more of in the future. It’s amazing to see how deeply we can impact a group when we are given the trust and time to develop something over time!

Our team building portfolio is continually evolving to incorporate more give backs and stronger programming that resonates with leaders looking to make a real positive change in their company. This year we expanded Playschool Playscapes to create even deeper hero energy in the room, and added give backs to Capture U benefitting The Food Bank and Dress for Success - and companies like Marriott, YVR Airport and FICP took part in the fun.

We met entertainment clients from around the world and celebrated the diverse, welcoming nature of Canada. We did some really fun work with our local clients, too - lots of comedic Mounties and fun characters of course, but the Peace Arch Hospital Gala’s British Invasion event stands out as a favourite as well (see pics below!).

For myself, I got to travel with Roger a few times to speak with him/experience him speak and remind myself of the energy we create in the room. I spoke at a few conferences myself on the art of storytelling at events and creating meaning through engagement. And of course, got to work on lots of the events with our partners that were incredibly fulfilling. I think my favourite was Buddy Benches for Cisco Systems because it was a huge group of diverse people who really came together beautifully to give back to our community.

Thank you to all of our clients, partners, and friends for helping make 2018 so engaging. We can’t wait to serve you in 2019 and create new magic moments together.

Take a look at some of our favourite moments from 2018 below: