Playschool Playscapes for TED Conference Press Tour

Yesterday, our team hosted an amazing team building and CSR morning with Tourism Vancouver and our TED Press Tour guests at the beautiful Loden Hotel in Vancouver.

Our media guests had spent most of the week experiencing what it was link to be a true Vancouverite - with everything from cycling around Stanley Park (in the pouring rain!) to dining at iconic eateries like the new Botanist Restaurant in the Fairmont Pacific Rim.  What better to cap off their Vancouver adventure than to give back to the community that hosted them?

We spent the morning working together in two teams to construct mud pie kitchens out of reclaimed cedar for at-risk YMCA daycares in the city.  This project is our flagship CSR activity - the goal is to incorporate natural, tactile play items to children who need them most.  

Whenever we do this project for a familiarization tour or a media group, we remind them that we are just on the cusp of what is possible for these types of activities within event and conference programming.  We know that although the intention has become to always give back to the communities our meetings take place in, that budget is often an afterthought, and allocating time and money to making CSR elements happen often get lost in the shuffle.

The solution is simple, make it a team building program! You could build it into the senior leader's kick-off activity for example, or make it an optional off-site instead of another excursion option.  Whatever you can do to show that the value extends even beyond the simple concept of giving back will help as we continually to transition to a more socially conscious world.

We had a fabulous time with our guests this weekend, and hope that throughout their travels, they remember the time they spent in Vancouver giving back.  That's the legacy we want to leave.

Thank you again to Tourism Vancouver for the opportunity!  For more information about Playschool Playscapes, contact us today.

We had a fabulous time with your team. Even with a small group, the Mudpie Kitchen experience was energizing and rewarding. The media all had a blast - I’ve been told we need to start offering power tools as media gifts… haha.
— Brianna Prasloski, Tourism Vancouver