5 Amazing Ways Investing in Team Building will Transform your Company

Implementing ongoing, customized team building workshops and training is the best decision you will make for your company culture, your employee’s health, and your bottom line.  

Here are 5 amazing reasons to invest in team building today:  


1. Everyone Becomes an Expert Generalist

The biggest benefit to investing in team building programming is that it creates a broader understanding of the big picture for everyone on the team.  Each member of your team should strive to break out of the specialist mentality in their role and work towards learning enough about each member on their team’s job to be able to create, innovate, and problem-solve.  

Opening the door for collaboration and knowledge-sharing allows everyone to be able to draw on a wider of pool of ideas and perspectives. To take it a step further, owning the Expert Generalist attitude will make your employees more secure in their careers overall. 

According to Carter Phipps, author of Evolutionaries, "generalists will thrive in a culture where it’s becoming increasingly valuable to know “a little bit about a lot.” Meaning that where you fall on the spectrum of specialist to generalist could be one of the most important aspects of your personality—and your survival in an ever-changing workplace” (Forbes).


2. Promotes Ownership and Open Communication 

A culture where personal accountability and ownership is the most attractive and powerful characteristic of a successful work environment. 

“People who take ownership naturally have the habit of exposing problems because those issues get in the way of their success. They want to overcome problems.”
- Joel Basgall (

Accountability breeds communication.  Your team will naturally communicate more openly and effectively if they trust in their own abilities and aren’t afraid to ask for help, raise an issue, or discuss a problem.  Team building programs are designed with this principle in mind - creating a safe space for these dialogues to blossom and for people to discover the power in taking ownership of their ideas.


3. Encourages Innovation and Creativity

Team building gives you the ultimate platform for specifying creativity as an actual goal.  Develop exercises that get people thinking out of the box and working with their team on totally new, fun, low pressure tasks to really get the most out of your program.

Why utilize play? The ability to express ourselves creatively comes from a foundation of trust - and trust is built with face time.  Removing your team from their daily tasks and challenging them in a new environment where they can socialize, laugh, and learn while they play is the ultimate way to spur creativity. 


4. Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity ensures quality and efficiency ensures quantity.  Great teams constantly improve both in sync; constantly pivoting, re-inventing, collaborating, and questioning.  

Like trust and communication, opportunities for improving quality output are built on a framework of trust and time.  Shared experiences like sporting events or casual social gatherings will build temporary positive employee relations and stress relief, but they will not transform your team.

Transformation will only come from specific, measurable team building workshops that challenge employees to do less with more, communicate to succeed, and value the quality of their work.  This is why the Expert Generalist or “soft-skills” mentality is often way more effective than hard-skills or role specific training.


5. Increases the Bottom Line

Numerous studies have shown that happy, engaged employees “get sick less often, recover twice as fast from surgery, experience less depression, learn faster and remember longer, tolerate pain and discomfort better, display more mental acuity, and perform better on the job.” (Emma Seppala, Science Director Stanford University)

The laundry list of benefits from cultivating a positive work environment will impact your bottom line.  In fact, it’s been proven that happy people make more money overall (Princeton University 2010 study).

Getting your company to that happy place takes time, trust, and work.  Team building can be a huge factor in your success, if you take it seriously (but not too seriously - remember play is a huge factor too!).  Incorporating ongoing team building programming will ensure you make a lasting positive impact.


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