5 Ways to Boost ROI with a Learning Coach at Your Next Meeting

The concept of a Learning Coach goes by many names in the meetings industry: Conference Engineer, Content Weaver, or Meeting Maximizer to name a few.  Whatever you call this person their role is the same: to engage the audience in a meaningful way and help them retain more information, network more effectively, and make the most out of your program.

But how does this translate into ready-to-implement content for next meeting? Here are 5 ways to take engagement to the next level with a Learning Coach.

Get Them Invested in the Process

Choose a coach who is willing to put in the time and effort to understand your participants: their needs, wants, challenges and successes.  Often times, companies and associations will choose an internal stakeholder or a celebrity to fulfill hosting and MC duties, but the challenge here is (1) too much of a disconnect from your audience and/or (2) lack of speaking/facilitation experience.  Bring your coach in early in the design process so that they understand the Big Why or major reason for the meeting and can be a presence leading up to the program (on social media, with the planning team, etc.).

Train Your Speakers

Meetings always include incredible content experts with important information to share with their audience. These are often leading industry innovators who may not have a background in public speaking, facilitation, or teaching. Your Learning Coach can and should work directly with these experts to help them hone their presentation for optimum success - giving your stakeholders better retention and more ROI.

Involve them in Content Development

Content doesn’t have to end at education - involving your Learning Coach in other aspects of the program like facilitated networking events, entertainment and team building activities, and keynote speeches can help tie the entire event together.  The Learning Coach should be the common thread for your meeting and act as a representative for your participants.  Think of them like an orchestra conductor leading all the different sections of instruments while being seamlessly in sync with the entire piece of music.

Schedule Touch-points

Human history has taught us that the original and best way to remember information is through repeated information (Spacing) and the oral tradition (including storytelling).  Reiterating key objectives and learning outcomes should be a key function of your Learning Coach, and you can easily do this by including touch points in your program.  Create daily debriefs, town hall style sessions and Q&As led by your Learning Coach to make sure that all of the participants are on the same page and a safe space is created for questions and concerns.

Debrief and Promote

The buck doesn’t have to stop when your program ends! Your learning coach should stay with you to debrief with your participants and help you with future marketing efforts.  Try creating bite sized videos to send to participants and those who missed out with key take-aways, surveys, and to begin the marketing process for the next event.  You can also do this pre-event to start the engagement early.  Check out this example:

Even if you can elevate your current MC to take on just one of these responsibilities, your program will greatly benefit.  The shift to a more active, participant driven event with your Learning Coach at the helm will help everyone involved in your program stay engaged, motivated, and feel included and important.

What other ways have you seen a Learning Coach elevate a conference? 

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