Kicking off 2016: Reflections, Looking Ahead, and Practicing What We Preach

Happy New Year!  We are so excited to be back in action creating engaging moments and helping people design their #BestConferenceEver.  The past year was one of exponential growth in a number of areas for our entire team, and we are so excited for what the future holds for the shape meetings and events.

Practicing what we Preach

Our first goal this year is to practice what we preach at our internal project meetings.  We now start every meeting by each stating one positive thing, or one thing each of us are grateful for.  This primes us to begin our day with an open mind, and not dwell on whatever problems we are facing at that time.

We also make a point to get up every 10-20 minutes and move around.  Numerous studies, including one by sports scientist Jack Grapple, say that “Interspersing short movements and exercises throughout the workday can boost employee energy, engagement and efficiency”.  It not only keeps you physically alert, but actually produces a phenomenon of 'hyperoxygenation' - which stimulates intellectual performance.


Celebrating accomplishments - even tiny successes, is the most meaningful and effective way to motivate and engage a workplace or a community.  Many #Eventprofs are exposed to this constantly, since incentive programs, retreats, and summits are designed with this very reason in mind.

Looking back at our year, each member of our team experienced transformation growth and success.

Roger Haskett presented his award winning keynote Pressure Cooker Confidence and/or his groundbreaking workshop-style session The Power of Play at ISES Live, iMEX America, and Association Forum’s Holiday Showcase.  He also spoke for countless government, association, and meeting planner association chapters, and served as MC/Learning Coach for 3 Leadership Conferences.  This is all on top of acting in various television show and movies, running Engagement Unlimited, working on his new book, and of course being a devoted husband and father to three children.

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Heather Pelletier created and worked through development on one of our most important products to date - our CSR Activity: Playschool Playscapes.  As a result of her creative ingenuity and dedication to our community, EU will donate 21 mudpie kitchens and provide repairs and sustainable outdoor art to 2 at-risk daycares this month alone.  Playschool Playscapes was chosen to be PCMA’s Convening Leaders’ CSR Activity for 2016, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the opportunity to give back in such an impactful way.

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Jenny Stanfield continued producing bigger and bigger events, and maintaining an active role in the #Eventprof community.  She was awarded PCMA’s 20 in their Twenties class of 2016, which she will accept at Convening Leaders next week.  Jenny’s new session about Millennials in the Meetings Industry will be featured at MPI’s Cascadia Conference this spring.  Jenny is also a regular contributor for Event Manager Blog - look for 4 feature posts from her this winter/spring. Read her post on the Active Participatory Model here.

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Engagement Unlimited

Our company worked on hundreds of meetings and events last year with a continued focus on designing opportunities for better engagement, learning, and networking opportunities.  

With projects ranging from designing a music-based learning initiative for the Canadian Mental Health Association, to fostering collaboration amongst team members with a mobile app based scavenger hunt, to full Conference Packages with MC, team building, and entertainment products, we had a banner year for implementing our most innovative products to new clients.

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Looking Ahead

We are a new type of company - one that aims to break the traditional means of engagement at meetings and events,  one that promotes playfulness, fun, and inclusivity in every moment.  We truly believe that a successful meeting is one that puts its focus on the participants and designs experiences that serves them the very best.  

Our goal for 2016 is to challenge more and more companies and associations to break out of the traditional meeting mold and aim higher, make those dollars count in a meaningful way, and create some amazing memories along the way.

We can’t wait to make those memories with you.