The most engaging conference ever

Our goal at Engagement Unlimited is to make your conference, meeting, or special event the most engaging it can possibly be - which, we believe allows it to be the most effective and generate the largest ROI.  Our creative brains are grateful for the wide range of projects we work on throughout the year, but we find the biggest impact is felt when we are able to let our active, participatory model shine in a multi-day conference platform.

This May and June we are able to do just that again thanks to Rare Affairs and First West Financial.

Roger acted as master of ceremonies for 2 leadership summits in Harrison Hot Springs - his conversational, inclusive style makes the participants (across several regions) comfortable and ready to learn "out loud" and bond with their teams in a safe and supportive atmosphere. 

Roger's goal and overall emphasis in facilitating these type of conferences is to help participants be the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be so that they can turbo charge learning and networking while at the conference and "lock in" transformations that actually make it back to the office!  This style is grounded by recent findings in neuroscience and is described in our Active Participatory Model here.


We also provided a range of entertaining  team building activities that gave the group extremely important breaks from the all-day sessions not to mention the opportunity to bond further in a fun, dynamic way.  The energy in the room was truly magical! A picture is worth a thousand words.  If these don't scream engagement to you, what does?

Finally, Roger provided his award-winning keynote Pressure Cooker Confidence as well as breakout sessions on The Power of Play.  Both sessions reinforce the themes of confidence, stress management, effective learning, and the benefits of adopting a playful attitude towards every challenge that comes your way.

This combination of elements creates the perfect storm for better learning retention, higher employee engagement, and the motivation to aim higher across all aspects of your life.

We believe that all conferences, meetings, special events and anywhere people get together for a purpose should include elements of our Active, Participatory Model (here).  The response to this methodology has been overwhelmingly positive and it is clear that the participants are still feeling the effects of what we did in Harrison Hot Springs!