5 Questions All Event Professionals Need to Ask Themselves

As Event Professionals, it is often difficult to take a step back and consider the big picture questions we need to ask ourselves to create the best experience possible.  Especially when there are so many objectives to meet and stakeholders involved.

Here are 5 questions all event professionals should ask themselves to ensure the best experience possible for everyone:

  1. How does my meeting incorporate recognition for the attendees?

  2. How can I incorporate the organization’s philosophy and culture into the overall experience?

  3. What opportunities  can I create to invest in the professional and personal development of the attendees?  Am I challenging them or just feeding them information passively?

  4. How am I incorporating technology to best serve the learning styles and social media accessibility of the attendees, given their varying ages, education and experience levels?

  5. Would I pay more or re-allocate budget components for my conference if it meant measurably higher retention and better engagement?

The last question is a little different because it challenges planners to take a bit of a risk for a potentially huge reward. 

What questions do you ask yourself as you begin a new program?  Do you resonate with or disagree with anything on our list? Leave us a comment!