8 Concrete Ways to Measure Retention and Engagement at Meetings

In this blog, we talk a lot about ways to create engagement and improve overall attendee experience, but the bottom line is if you can’t measure the success of your meeting then why meet at all?  

Below are eight very different and insightful ways to measure learning and member retention as well as overall engagement (and therefore success) of your meetings.

  1. Attendance to the actual meeting

  2. Attendance of the professional development courses offered throughout (tracking made easier with the use of RFID badges)

  3. Successful acquisition of certifications after attending the meeting

  4. For Associations: Measuring renewal rates or upgraded memberships. For other conferences - Measuring early bird registration (people who sign up for next year while at the current meeting)

  5. Quantitative Approach: Post-event surveys that ask about specific components of the event

  6. Qualitative Approach: Social Media buzz - measure success by what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram about the event

  7. Spot trends in the workplace post event - higher productivity, better employee retention, improved customer service

  8. Encourage feedback throughout the event and post-event.  Create an open forum where people feel safe sharing their feelings and offering suggestions to make it even better.

What tools do you use to measure retention and engagement at your meetings? Leave us a comment!