Engagement vs. Entertainment

These days, it’s more and more common to actively engage in a TV show or a news article by sharing it on social media and adding your own personal comment than to passively watch, read, or otherwise ingest content.  

Likewise, in a rapidly moving world that is more focused on connection than ever before, it’s not enough to be entertained by a canned musical or variety act at an event – people want to feel like they are part of the action. 

That’s why our philosophy is that, at it’s best, Entertainment and Engagement are one and the same.

For example, we recently worked with Fireworks Marketing Group to create a hugely successful 1920’s Speakeasy themed employee recognition party for Electronic Arts.

 We provided roving, theme-enhancing, engaging, and interactive actors, singers, and dancers. We also created staged mini-performances that helped set the tone at the beginning and kept the energy high and the theme alive throughout the night.

 This, in turn, delivered an on-brand and on-trend experience that was also a lot of fun!

By breaking down barriers through interaction and engagement with event participants, we created sharable moments, talking points, fun memories, and helped bring people out of their shell.  Increasing engagement is key for a successful event but it has to be focused and customized to the client’s brand, corporate culture, theme, and to the participants themselves.

 What do you think about the focus on engagement vs entertainment?  How do you think new trends in social media and personalization are effecting people’s expectations at events?