Case Study #5: Canadian Gala Entertainment

Welcome to the fifth instalment in a series we’re calling ‘Case Studies:’ real, diverse stories from unique events we’ve provided entertainment for. 

Our goal:  To help you solve your entertainment and engagement challenges by providing fun, unique, innovative solutions to meet your objectives.

 This week we’re showcasing how we partner with private clients to help create and execute custom entertainment programs.


Grifols, US-based medical company had two gala evenings that they needed entertainment components for. The first night was informal – the aim was to create an intimate teambuilding experience that involved a whopping 500 guests and incorporate a strong Canadian theme. The second night was a black tie gala dinner – the aim was to entertain guests with a big swinging party band and energize the guestsdespite having no room for a dance floor.  Both nights presented the type of interesting challenges we are best at solving. 


For the first night, we created a program called“Grifols Family Vacation in Vancouver” Guests were first greeted with an iconic Canadian welcome – comedic mounties charged into the reception and led guests to the ballroom for dinner and entertainment. On their way, they were greeted by “The Queen” and her royal guards.

Outside the ballroom, guests were encouraged to take group “Family Vacation” photos at a custom greenscreen photo station, complete with costumed roving actors, a plethora of costumes and props to wear, and free prints/social sharing on site.

Before dinner, The Queen formally welcomed the group to Vancouver and knighted the CEO with a witty, grand, and humorous  ceremony. After dinner, we played our interactive, team building version of Family Feud, where divisions were pitted against each other in rounds of traditional Family Feud “Survey Says” questioning. 

Then a lightning round determined the winning division and the whole group participated in a spirited round of Name That Tune (complete with singing and dancing).  The flow of the evening provided  entertaining breaks, a sense of engagement and team building – all while incorporating the Canadian theme.  Energy was kept high and guests left smiling and laughing after a long day of educational sessions.

For the second night, we planned to have the band start with ambient and vocal jazz to keep the party energy alive while not distractingfrom networking and the dinner.  After dinner, the band played a hard rocking party set that got everyone up on their feet, singing and dancing despite no formal dancefloor!  It was a great decision to liven up from the jazz set and keep energy high.  The crowd was so engaged and happy to let loose for their only real party night during the conference. 

“Everybody had great time both nights. Thank you and your awesome actors, staff and band for the great time and your professionalism.  I would gladly recommend your company to any of my colleagues coming to Vancouver.”

- Tanya Gospodinov, Grifols Inc.