Case Study #2: Awards Night Gala

Welcome to the second instalment in a series we’re calling ‘Case Studies:’ real, diverse stories from unique events we’ve provided entertainment for.  Our goal is to help you solve your entertainment challenges by providing fun, unique solutions to meet your specific objectives.

This week’s Case Study showcases an annual dilemma that is common for companies large and small, conservative and not-so-conservative: 

How to make a (traditionally) boring Awards Gala or AGM exciting, dynamic, and energizing for the attendees while meeting all of the event’s specific objectives.


Pr1me Strategies asked us to come up with a fun and dynamic solution to add some excitement and musical spectacle to two awards night galas in Toronto and Vancouver for a large corporate client.  We took the objective one step further to ensure that the entire group felt special and recognized for their achievements by unifying and energizing them as one.


We broke up evening into 3 sections:

1)    We provided fun and exciting “celebrity spoof” meet and greet roving characters to welcome and engage the guests; making them feel like stars;

2)    Roger Haskett acted as our professional, yet light and personable emcee to keep the evening flowing smoothly and ensure that objectives were met with dynamic energy and laughter;

3)    And to break up the awards and announcements, 4 specially hand-picked songs were performed by our Broadway-caliber singers and dancers with professional choreography and exciting costume changes.  We even re-wrote some of the lyrics to the iconic “We Will Rock You” by Queen to make the guests feel even more involved and connected to the performance.

Most awards shows focus on the winners and leave the audience feeling a little left out. At AUE, we think the focus should be on the audience so that they feel the show is about them. The winners need their glory, their moment in the sun of course, but the audience needs to be connected as well.  We make the entire crowd feel welcomed and recognized while keeping the energy high.  Imagine the smiles and laughter of your co-workers as the whole room explodes into applause at a choreographed song especially customized to YOUR company!