What Kind of Story are you Telling?

I was asked by PCMA to give a session on How Storytelling Turbocharges Event Engagement for Educon this year.  This is a topic that is woven through the work we do with meetings, events, and within teams for our clients at Engagement Unlimited, but we had never fleshed it out into something that could stand alone before.

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Playschool Playscapes for TED Conference Press Tour

Yesterday, our team hosted an amazing team building and CSR morning with Tourism Vancouver and our TED Press Tour guests at the beautiful Loden Hotel in Vancouver.

Our media guests had spent most of the week experiencing what it was link to be a true Vancouverite - with everything from cycling around Stanley Park (in the pouring rain!) to dining at iconic eateries like the new Botanist Restaurant in the Fairmont Pacific Rim.  What better to cap off their Vancouver adventure than to give back to the community that hosted them?

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4 Ways to Incorporate Entertainment at Meetings for Amazing ROI

Incorporating engaging entertainment is one of the easiest ways to promote networking, lock-in learning, and create a truly transformational experience for your attendees. 

Why then is entertainment often perceived as risky, under-valued, and irrelevant to program planning? This is because most programs don’t align the biggest objectives (impactful education, amazing networking) with the one element that can boost them both: a playful, inclusive attitude.

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