Select Past Projects

Corporate Awards Gala "A Roaring Success"

On October 3, 2015 we welcomed 200 guests and award honourees to Crystal Garden in Victoria, BC for an experiential evening of 1920s Cabaret entertainment... READ MORE

Canadian Mental Health Conference Music with a Message

The Canadian Mental Health Association had spent a lot of time and hard work creating recommendations for all Canadian organizations regarding a healthy, happy work environment... READ MORE

Fairmont Pacific Northwest Sales Rally - Teambuilding Give-Back

The Fairmont leadership team had planned an annual sales rally program with an overarching objective to celebrate a successful year and keep the momentum going while giving managers a chance to play together and bond as a team... READ MORE

First West Financial Leadership Summit - Active Participation Package

We had the privilege of working with Rare Affairs Event Management and First West Financial on three Annual Leadership Summits. All conferences had very unique challenges and both utilized highly customized conference package solutions that aimed to boost retention, networking, and overall employee engagement... READ MORE

Government Conference - Engaging the Disengaged

We had an interesting challenge with a client who had disengaged participants.  The attendees were obligated to attend their annual conference as part of their job although many of them did not share the same views of needs... READ MORE