Actors Unlimited Entertainment becomes Engagement Unlimited

Why the new name? Why the rebrand? Aside from the energy that a rebrand creates (a lot!), and the new vision that inspires both our team and our clients (yay!), and the new website that reflects our philosophy more accurately (finally!) and the new business that will come our way as we expand our products and services (fingers crossed), aside from all that, why the new name?

First off, we are changing to meet our clients’ changing needs. The world of meetings is not the world it was even 10 years ago. Did you know that 90% of what we know about the human brain was discovered in the last 5 years! 5 YEARS! That’s 2009! We know so much more about how humans learn and make connections.  Our style and philosophy truly resonate with this new research and with the way meeting and events are changing.  

Thus, Engagement Unlimited is born. 

We embrace participatory learning, effortless networking, the power of play, using powerful images to evoke emotion, committing to stories and interactive activations. Why? Because our clients want effective meetings and events that actually attain their goals and objectives. They do not want cookie cutter copies of the same formats that leave attendees exhausted and bored.

We are passionate about helping our clients maximize engagement at their meetings and events. Because engagement is one sure way of maximizing ROI. And engagement is something we have spent 22 years creating… so we know how to do it. 

There are two more reasons why we have been so excited by this rebrand:

(1) The word “Actors” has become too limiting. We aren’t just actors any more. We are singers and dancers and improvisers and facilitators and educators and emcees and speakers and mentalists and and and… So we dropped Actors. 

(2) Actors Unlimited Entertainment did not have room for a philosophy that embraced advances in education and learning styles. We were also limited by Entertainment. So we dropped that too. Leaving us with Unlimited, which it turns out isn’t limiting! So we kept that. 

And we added Engagement because if there is one thing that elevates any meeting or event it’s engagement. Without engagement, a meeting is just a place where people are standing or sitting beside each other. With engagement, that same meeting can produce magic. 

Meetings are important. Meetings are where many of the important decisions are made. Shouldn’t we take engagement at meetings seriously? 

At Engagement Unlimited we think so.