Music with a Message

Music is at every event, but how often is music really ABOUT your event?  Music is a powerful way to both entertain and communicate a message that people will remember.  Let us work with you to choose a famous song and re-write the lyrics to be about your client, brand, and key messaging.  This is a great way to both entertain and communicate a message in a super creative way.  It is also a concept that can be adapted to compliment any event theme. 

Events are planned for a specific reason and planners know they have achieved their job if all guests leave with a few specific memories that support the business objectives of the event.  We help our clients communicate these objectives in a super creative way.  Whether it is a 2 minute performance or a 30 minute feature show, we'll deliver both memorable quality entertainment and a customized message.  Our custom performances can be during a meeting, at an award show, during a networking event, or any other type of gathering.


  • Surprise pop-up performances about a title sponsor during a networking event
  • Corporate recognition event with several songs between awards that make each person feel like a star and help employees feel connect to the brand
  • Meeting openers with feature stage show that introduces the theme of the conference

Watch our video of the performance above.

case study: canadian mental health association

The Canadian Mental Health Association had a problem.  They had to communicate a long, dry, but very serious series of National Standards to their representatives and members, but their learning retention rates (like at most conferences) were abysmal.  They were justifiably worried that getting the learning objectives across in a traditional way wouldn't lead to real world application.

Our solution was to create a custom musical performance with re-written lyrics to iconic pop and rock hits about their subject matter, and then present it in a fun, but realistic way.  It not only had only be playful, it had to be relateable too. 

The incorporation of fun lyrics and melodies to convey this important information not only helped lighten the mood (mental health is, after all, a serious matter) it actually boosted retention beyond their wildest dreams.  This is because music is quite literally like a drug to our brains.  When we listen to a melody, our brains derive pleasure out of predicting the lyrics and notes, releasing dopamine to our cells and making us happy.

Thank you both again for such an incredible experience, we have been flooded with compliments and query’s about how to hire you. I hope that many more engagements come out of this for you.
— Megan Brown, Canadian Mental Health Association