Canadian Mental Health Association: Music with a Message

The Canadian Mental Health Association had spent a lot of time and hard work creating recommendations for all Canadian organizations regarding a healthy, happy work environment.  These were the 13 Factors for Mental Health in the Workplace; a set of standards which, if implemented correctly, could spur a massive shift towards a more progressive work environment for all Canadians.  This is serious stuff…but it didn’t include medical jargon or anything that made it a message specific to health practitioners.  It was a message that our clients wanted all employers to here!  


A memorable solution

Our solution was to create a 15 minute, custom musical with re-written lyrics to iconic pop and rock hits about the 13 Factors for Mental Health in the Workplace, and then present it in a fun but realistic way.  It not only had only be playful, it had to be relatable too.

We unveiled the performance to an audience of 500 conference attendees at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The incorporation of fun lyrics and melodies to convey this important information not only helped lighten the mood (mental health is, after all, a serious matter), it actually boosted retention beyond their wildest dreams.  This is because music is quite literally a drug to our brains.  When we listen to a melody, our brains derive pleasure out of predicting the lyrics and notes, releasing dopamine to our cells and making us happy.

It was an absolute success.  The creator of the 13 Factors, Mary Ann Baynton, was overjoyed that her work was showcased in a way that immediately impacted the attendees, and we were overjoyed to be able to help such an important Canadian initiative.

Thank you both again for such an incredible experience, we have been flooded with compliments and queries about how to hire you. I hope that many more engagements come out of this for you.
— Megan Brown, Canadian Mental Health Association
There are many factors that have been identified in the research as impacting the psychological health and safety of employees. Watching Engagement Unlimited explain this through song and dance was not only a blast, they actually helped people understand what we have been talking about!
— Mary Ann Baynton, Co-Chair, Technical Committee for the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace"