Be a Bigger, Better, More Authentically Powerful Leader

Learn how to apply Roger's Rules to your professional and personal life with this exclusive online course

Join award-winning engagement expert Roger Haskett as he takes you through his infamous "Roger's Rules" - steps to help you transform yourself into a bigger better, more authentically powerful version of yourself.

This course is for anyone who wants to become a bigger, better, more authentically powerful leader.  It is for all types of leaders - not just the traditional CEO/C-Suite/Manager positions.  This course is for YOU - parents, teachers, coaches, spouses.  For all kinds of leaders across all walks of life.    

Roger uses powerful stories and real world experiences to help you retain tactical information, tips and tricks.  He will drastically help you improve your leadership, communication, public speaking and presentation skills.

Whether you want to rule the boardroom or the podium - this course is for YOU.

*FULL 31 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    I want to thank you for facilitating an excellent session with the CEM faculty – I heard such great remarks as they were leaving. One faculty member said she could have sat and listened to you the entire day. Others said it was the best training they had ever been to. They absolutely loved you!
    — Jennifer Potter, CEM Program Manager International, IAEE
    Your seminar was instrumental in helping me with a book launch party I was throwing 2 weeks after the seminar. I followed many of your suggestions and found to my amazement that I WAS NOT EVEN NERVOUS! I had fun, guests had fun, people bought books…what more could I ask for?

    You had an enormous impact on me and my ability to achieve this life long goal…thank you, thank you, thank you!
    — AK White, Author of No Reason to Stay
    The world is lucky that a talented actor named Roger Haskett has stepped off the stage and into the meeting world. His energy and passion light up a room. At a recent national conference I attended, he was by far the best speaker. I was amazed by his fun sense of humor and — most important — how much I learned from him. I implemented his tips immediately and saw noticeable improvement in my business.
    — Dave Lieber, Dallas Morning News Columnist