Team Games and activities

Our activities are a perfect mix of team building building, fun, and education - helping to achieve many objectives at once.  We deliver the framework for the activities and the talent to make your event a huge success.  Our hosts and facilitators are both expert educators, but also seasoned performers, resulting in a wildly engaging experience for your attendees.

Capture U: Scavenger Hunt

A ridiculously fun mobile-app based Scavenger Hunt that can take many shapes and sizes depending on location, timing, and the objectives of the event.  We custom design team challenges based on your learning objectives or brand values.  Teams use creative photos to win points and actors/facilitators surprise participants along the way.  The games ends in a awards ceremony and a slide show of the images captured by each team.


Improv Comedy

Our award-winning comedians know how to grab the crowd fast and then dazzle them with a comedy ride that’s full of action, audience participation and belly laughs. Our Improv comedy show is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that has generated worldwide applause, praise and recommendations from over 400 shows, and can include improv customized to your group or guest of honour! 


Pub Trivia

Pit team against team in the ultimate pub trivia competition.  Pub trivia and it’s British roots have invaded today’s social scene.  Content is fun, topical, and we can inject custom questions that are all about YOU.  Our version includes written questions, music, video, and a super fun host to bring it all together.  The game has a loose structure that can be customized to work in a wide variety of settings.

Family Feud

Join Richard Dawson Jr. as he hosts your very own customized version of the hit game show Family Feud! This version gets the whole gang involved with 3 rounds of questions with 10-15 team members per round. A lightning round face-off determines the winner and everyone is treated to a fun game of Name that Tune.


Murder Mysteries

If you’re looking for a fun team building experience to encourage collaboration, build leadership and develop problem-solving skills, look no further! While the murder mystery unfolds around you, team members work together to grill the suspects, examine the clues, and solve the mystery. This is a great activity after a team dinner as a way to entertain and bring people together.


Name that Tune

An awesomely fun, on-trend group activity that gets participants up on their feet, singing, dancing, and battling head to head in the ultimate music competition. Your classic game show host and his glamorous assistant (who is also a professional singer) will divide the room in half and pit teams against each other in a series of music-based games.