Event emcee and facilitator

Roger combines his theatrical background with corporate poise and an engaging style to create a guaranteed formula for success. Roger captivates the audience with a lively energy, appropriate humour, and charm, while evoking emotion and weaving together the story of the event.

Event managers and stakeholders feel confident knowing Roger can easily adapt his style to your organization’s brand identity, and will work with you to ensure your event objectives are met.

Emcee Services

  • Opening and closing remarks tailored to your group
  • Speaker intro and extros that help them feel appreciated
  • Housekeeping duties to keep everyone on the same page
  • A charismatic, inclusive energy that helps everyone feel welcome and at ease.

Learning Coach Services

  • Mindfulness and Intention-setting
  • Touchpoints to lock in learning and reiterate important objectives
  • Facilitated energizer breaks and networking games
  • Pre-conference content expert speaker coaching and training


  • Moderating group discussions and panel sessions to lock in learning and keep the agenda on track
  • Opening and closing sessions that reinforce key objectives, promote discussion, and provide key-takeaways

Select Clients

  • American Council of Engineering Companies
    Engineering Excellence Awards 2017
  • International Special Events Society
    Live! Conference 2016
  • Professional Public Service Institute of Canada
    Steward Council Meetings 2015-2017
  • First West Financial
    Leadership Summits 2014-2017
  • Meeting Professionals International
    Annual Gala 2012-2015
  • Royal Lepage
    National Conference Cruise 2015
  • Anvil Centre
    Grand Opening 2014
  • Grey Cup
    Rock and Roar Official Gala Dinner 2014

Roger is one of the best MC’s I’ve seen (and I’ve seen many). At the MPI June Gala I thought he did exactly what an emcee should do. Entertaining and confident, yet somehow subtle in the delivery. He was in control and fun… but really didn’t take the spotlight. The MPI Awards were about the award winners, and he performed perfectly.
— Ron Jacklin CEO, Media FX Group
Roger Haskett is the most energetic and inspiring MC I have had a chance to work with in my 30 year career in the event AV business. He makes it impossible for your audience not to listen up, and perk up, whenever he takes the stage. No matter what the topics for discussion may be it is obvious that he does his research and puts his heart and soul on the line.
— David A. Evans, CCR Solutions