Our unique and highly successful answer to corporate responsibility.  Giving back to the community is a priority for many companies; Playschool Playscapes allows teams to bond, network, and have fun together while they create items that will immediately impact the community in a positive way.

Teams work together to win packages of materials by answering trivia questions.  They assign roles within their teams and collaborate to build outdoor play stations made of all natural materials.  The kitchens or benches are constructed, decorated, and painted by the teams for donation to daycares and schools that need them most.

Recent studies prove there are huge benefits to childhood development when kids play freely in an outdoor setting using natural materials while engaging in tactile and imaginative play.  The kitchens and benches you build make you heroes to the children who interact with them.


Where does the activity take place?
We come to you! Whether it be at your office, in a hotel ballroom, a convention centre, or community centre. 

Who chooses where the items are donated?
We work with the YMCA and can select donation locations on your behalf, or, if you partner with a child-based charity and would like to donate the items yourself, that's great too!

How long does it take?

Budget between 1.5-2.5 hours for the activity.

Are you a non-profit?

No.  This is a proprietary CSR-based team building activity that is lead by professional facilitators.  We set-up, guide the whole activity and bring all the materials to make it happen.

You guys are amazing! (Cisco Systems) loved the buddy bench build. How could you not really? It’s fun and giving back feels great. You are my absolute go-to for team building so I hope to send more your way. Thanks for making this work and for being such a great partner.
— Tiffany Tibbetts, Conference Service and Catering Manager Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
This was definitely the best team building exercise I’ve done not just at Oracle, but in my 15-year sales career. It was fun, engaging, and everyone felt good afterward. It was a perfect blend of needing to concentrate on the work/teamwork and enjoying the experience. Creative and worthwhile.
— Oracle Attenddee
Many of our families here at Woodwards are quite vulnerable... the whole idea and research behind your ‘mud pie kitchens’ really speaks to our philosophy as we really try to incorporate more of a natural, minimalist feel to our sites and child care spaces. This is such a wonderful addition to our outdoor play space and I know the children will benefit greatly from its innovative design!
— Danielle Lapus, Daycare Supervisor, YMCA Woodwards
Playschool Playscapes was incredible, I have had so much great feedback about how fun it was, and how much they loved the fact that we were “giving back”. I know that was a lot of work for your team to prepare, and we truly do appreciate you working with us to make that happen! I have heard from many people that it was the best sales rally thank you for contributing to that in a big way!
— Helen Pratt, Director, Sales and Marketing, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Pacific Northwest