critical conversations

The Workshop

Effective communication within teams, across departments, and company-wide is one of the biggest issues affecting employee engagement and bottom line results.  In fact, a meagre 1% increase in employee engagement can generate a 9% bump in Sales.  Despite this - 75% of leaders have no engagement plan or strategy even though 90% say engagement impacts on business success. (ACCOR).

Critical conversations and role playing using actors can have huge impact on both your employee well-being your and bottom line - if they are done correctly. Engaging professional facilitators and using actors instead of actual peers for the most difficult parts of the workshop are essential for it’s success.  


Our award-winning facilitators and actors have decades of experience handling the most sensitive parts of team dynamics and internal company challenges.  They provide an objective, outside perspective that allows them to make appropriate suggestions to improve your communication skills, employee engagement, and the well-being of your team.

How it Works

  • We meet with you to discuss your unique strengths and challenges.  We discuss common scenarios that occur in the workplace, your demographics and much more to design a program that works for YOU.
  • We cast appropriate actors, create scripting, and facilitate the entire workshop with you
  • Your employees participate in group and individual scenario training as well as fun, interactive games that provide education and bonding opportunities
  • We debrief on your success and create a plan for your team's future

The Result

Your team will experience increased engagement and connection to your brand.  You will see a bump in sales and a more efficient operations teams.  Overall - your team will be happier, healthier, and feel more connected to their work and each other.

We LOVED Bizprov - it flew by very quickly! I was very in tune with what each activity taught us and why we were doing them as it relates to team communication, trust etc. I am singing the praises of you and your team! Thanks so much!
— James Thornley, Peake of Catering
The client could not have been happier. You did a fantastic job! I didn’t have to worry for a moment; I had complete confidence. So, my sincere thanks for an awesome job!
— Shannon MacGillivray, President, MacGillivray & Associates
Engagement Unlimited used the CBC Studios to inspire a group to get out of their comfort zone with their Bizprov program.  The clients were concerned that their group of potential CFOs would be hesitant to participate, but minutes into the session, all were enthusiastically joining in the exercises and role playing that the facilitators were demonstrating.  The session was so successful that [Engagement Unlimited] went on to present the same program to their senior executives subsequent to this.
— Hans Kung, MCI Canada