A Roaring Success Awards Gala

On October 3, 2015 we welcomed 200 guests and award honourees to Crystal Garden in Victoria, BC for an experiential evening of 1920s Cabaret entertainment. The purpose of the event was to honour outstanding achievements for Cargill staff, immerse the guests in a thematic world, and provide a completely bespoke night of entertainment that made them feel like they were having a truly unique experience.

We provided a plethora of entertainment for the guests. The night began outside the venue with 1920s paper boys handing out custom newspapers detailing the fabulous night ahead. Bobby cops swarmed the reception, working a mugshot photo wall and ensuring that guests were only drinking ‘tea’ and there was no mischief about. Beautiful flappers with cigarette trays adorned guests with headpieces and beads, and gave away custom branded chocolate. A swinging’ jazz trio kept the energy high. Everywhere you looked in the pre function space, there was laughter and excitement.

As the reception came to a close, the cops facilitated a fake ‘raid’ complete with sirens, music, and a chase sequence to lead guests into the ballroom and further immerse them into the world of a 1920s Speakeasy.

Once inside the ballroom, a professional MC in character as Rudy Amore, the big club boss, welcomed guests for a night of awards, amazing food, and entertainment. We provided a custom cabaret act - featuring 7 musical acts with piano accompaniment, 7 outstanding singers and dancers, and 5 costume changes. We took the guests on a musical journey featuring re-workings of old classics such as “In the Mood” “Minnie the Moocher” and “Anything Goes”. We even re-wrote some of the lyrics and arrangements to include Cargill “When I farm, I farm with Cargill!” to make the guests feel extra special. The acts were interspersed with award presentations in which the MC and the key stakeholder worked together to give out the awards.

The result was fantastic - a truly special evening. The event’s production was nominated for a Canadian Special Event award.

Thanks so much for a really fantastic Cargill Awards last night. The client has proclaimed it best one yet and the feedback was really great on the theme, all the characters and how it all tied together. Roger, naturally they thought you were fantastic!

Thanks for being instrumental in bringing the vision to life.
— Claire Duncan, Cantrav Services